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10 FPSO projects creating job opportunities in 2019 and beyond



The world’s appetite for natural gas shows no sign of slowing down. BP’s recent Energy Outlook portrays a scenario in which ‘gas demand grows in almost every country and region’ across the world from now through to at least 2040. To meet this voracious, and growing, demand oil and gas operators are increasingly utilising FPSOs as part of their projects to produce, process and offload natural gas for transport to energy-hungry markets across the globe. 
10 FPSO projects creating job opportunities in 2019 and beyond
(Image via Shell).

Here are 10 of the most notable FPSOs to watch this year and beyond.
Liza Unity FPSO
(Image via ExxonMobil).

Liza 1 and 2 

In mid-2008 oil and gas exploration activities by ExxonMobil off the coast of Guyana discovered reserves of such magnitude that they promised to elevate Guyana to a global oil power. Since then work has been well-underway to prepare the blocks for production (the Stabroek block alone has been the site of 13 discoveries to-date). Given the scale of the discoveries so far ExxonMobil has estimated that as many as five FPSOs may eventually be required. However, two of the most notable FPSOs that are currently under development are Liza 1 and 2.

The Liza 1 FPSO (also known as Liza Destiny) will be utilised on the Liza Phase 1 development which is situated approximately 190 kilometres offshore in water depths of 1,500 - 1,900 metres. The development will see 17 wells in total, of which eight will be production wells, six water injection and three gas injection. These will all be tied back via a subsea system to the Liza 1 FPSO which will have a production capacity of up to 120,000 barrels per day. The Liza 1 FPSO is currently being built by SBM Offshore which is converting a VLCC in Singapore. According to the latest update from SBM, the final modules are currently being lifted on board and commissioning activities are taking place. Sail away from Singapore is expected mid-summer for the Liza 1 FPSO.

The Liza 2 FPSO (also known as Liza Unity) will be utilised on the Liza Phase 2 development which will follow a similar concept as Phase 1. A total of six drill centres with approximately 30 wells, including 15 production, 9 water injection and 6 gas injection wells. The Liza 2 FPSO is also being constructed by SBM Offshore and will feature a new-build, multi-purpose hull combined with several standardised topsides modules. The Liza 2 FPSO will have a production capacity of 200,000 barrels of oil per day, with an associated gas treatment capacity of 400 million cubic feet per day and water injection capacity of 250,000 barrels per day. Storage capacity of the vessel will be in the region of 2 million barrels of crude oil. Construction of the vessel’s hull has just been completed by China’s Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding which launched it on 8th June.

Fircroft is actively supporting ExxonMobil’s operations across Guyana, supplying technical and engineering professionals. Contact our in-country office now to find out about the latest job opportunities.
Tortue FPSO unit
(Image via BP).


The Tortue project was launched with a $1 billion deal between BP and Kosmos Energy in 2016 for stakes in the offshore region, located off the coast of Mauritania and Senegal. The 33,000 square kilometre space is said to contain a potential 50 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, with development expected to last half a century.

BP commissioned TechnipFMC for the engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning (EPCIC) of the FPSO unit, which will be positioned on the maritime border of the two countries. The mid-water FPSO will be initially connected through 80 km of production pipelines to the ultra-deepwater subsea infrastructure that will consolidate the first four wells of the field. 

Following processing, the gas will be transferred to a floating liquified natural gas (FLNG) facility located at a nearshore hub. At its peak, the FPSO is expected to process over 500 million cubic feet of gas per day. 
Penguins FPSO
(Image via Fluor).

Penguins FPSO

Situated northeast of the Shetland Islands, Shell’s Penguins field is set to be redeveloped with an additional eight wells drilled and tied back to an FPSO vessel. Following FID in January 2018 Shell selected Fluor to perform the engineering, procurement and fabrication of the FPSO, which will be designed to operate continuously for a period of at least 20 years without drydocking. The Penguins FPSO is necessary as Shell has taken the decision to decommission the Brent Charlie platform (which had been used as a tie back for surrounding fields).

The Penguins FPSO will be Shell’s first new manned installation in the North Sea in almost 30 years, with the construction phase of the wider project expected to create work for between 300 and 400 people in the UK, with the roles expected to be focused on project delivery and subsea activity. Construction of the FPSO is currently underway with fabrication of the vessel taking place in China. Once the FPSO has been delivered to the Penguins field in 2021 approximately 50 to 70 people will work on board the vessel directly. Once operational the Penguins FPSO will deliver 80 million barrels of oil over its lifetime, with a peak production of 45,000 barrels per day.
Barossa FPSO
(Image via ConocoPhillips Australia).


Located 300km north of Darwin, Australia, the Barossa gas and light condensate field is being developed by ConocoPhillips as a replacement for production from the Bayu-Undan field, which is expected to be exhausted in 2022. The Barossa project will backfill the Darwin LNG facility.
The Barossa project is currently in the FEED phase of development until late 2019, with the drilling of development wells and construction of the FPSO facility expected to begin around 2020/21.

A total of 10-25 subsea production wells are planned to be connected through flowlines to the Barossa FPSO, which will separate natural gas and condensate, with the condensate offloaded directly into tankers. The gas will be dehydrated on the FPSO, treated for partial CO2 removal and transported via a 260km gas export pipeline for onshore processing.

The proposed FPSO will be 350m long and 60m wide, with topsides weighing between 25,000 and 35,000 tonnes. It will be capable of processing 800 MMcf/d of gas and 6,000 boe/d of condensate. The vessel will be permanently moored to the seabed from the turret and built to withstand a 10,000-year storm. According to ConocoPhillips, It will tie in to existing offshore fibre optic infrastructure with a dedicated Barossa system that will provide reliable and stable high-speed data service that allows effective and efficient operations aboard the FPSO.

Currently the operator is understood to be assessing bids for construction of the FPSO vessel as well as the subsea gas export pipeline. A FID is expected in late 2019, with production due to begin in 2023.
Karish FPSO
(Image via Energean Power).

Karish FPSO

Following discoveries of significant volumes of natural gas in the Karish and Tanin leases in the eastern Mediterranean, Energy company Energean chose to commission an FPSO to exploit these reserves. The fields are expected to yield significant amounts of natural resources with reserves estimated to be in the region of 2.2 TCF of natural gas and 31.8 million barrels of light hydrocarbon liquids. Nearby prospective resources have been estimated to be approximately 2.94 TCF of gas plus 78.8 mmbls of liquids.

The Karish FPSO is currently under construction with first steel for the new build hull being cut in Cosco yard, in Zhousan, China in November 2018 (subsequently, keel laying took place successfully in April 2019). The FPSO will be installed 90km offshore, making it the first (but certainly not the last) FPSO to operate in the eastern Mediterranean. The gas treatment capacity of the Karish FPSO will be 800 MMscf/day (8BCM/per annum) with liquids storage capacity of 800,000 bbls. Energean has contracted TechnipFMC under a turnkey, lump sum EPCIC contract to provide the full suite of FPSO and SURF services during the construction phase, whilst TechnipFMC has subcontracted COSCO to provide the hull. Completion of the hull is expected to take 12 months. Once completed, the hull will then travel to the Sembcorp Admiralty Yard in Singapore for installation of the Siemens-built topsides.

According to the latest updates from Energean, the company expects the FPSO to sail away from Singapore in late 2020 ahead of first gas in 2021.
Petrojarl Varg FPSO
(Image via Teekay Offshore).

Petrojarl Varg

Originally delivered in 1998 by international midstream services provider, Teekay Offshore Partners, the Petrojarl Varg is a purpose-built turret mounted FPSO vessel with a storage capacity of 470,000 bbls, production capacity of 57,000 bopd and accomodation for 77 persons. It was initially operated in the Varg field, offshore Norway until production was ended by operator Repsol in 2016.

In November 2018, Teekay signed a conditional seven-year charter contract with Alpha Petroleum Resources Limited for deployment of the Petrojarl Varg in the Cheviot oil field in the UK sector of the North Sea. The seven-year term will begin when first oil is produced, which is expected in the second quarter of 2021.

As part of the agreement, Alpha are funding the life extension and upgrade costs of the FPSO in advance. The company contracted Sembcorp Marine for the £125 million upgrade, which includes integration of the topside process skid, overhauling of existing internal turret and power generation, and repair and life extension of the vessel’s hull, tanks and various systems on board. 

The works are expected to be completed by July 2020 and will ensure that the vessel can be safely operated for the entire 10 year expected lifecycle of the Cheviot field production. At peak it’s expected to produce at least 30,000 barrels per day from 13 production wells, two water injection wells and two gas injection well.
Amoca (Area 1) FPSO
(Image via Modec).

Amoca (Area 1) FPSO

The shallow waters of Mexico’s Campeche Bay will soon be host to a Modec-built and Eni owned FPSO which will be exploiting the considerable reserves within the Amoca and Mizton oil fields in Area 1. Eni estimates that there are approximately 2 billion barrels of hydrocarbons in Area 1. 

Modec will be responsible for the engineering, procurement, construction, mobilisation, installation and operation of the FPSO, including topsides processing equipment as well as hull and marine systems. SOFEC, a Modec group company, will design and supply the disconnectable tower yoke mooring system of the FPSO.

It is understood that Modec has subcontracted Chinese company Cosco Shipping Heavy Industry to convert an existing FPSO to provide a platform for the above detailed developments.

Once completed, the Amoca FPSO will be deployed in the Offshore Area 1 which lies about 10km off the coast of Mexico at a water depth of approximately 32m. The Amoca FPSO will be capable of processing 90,000 barrels of crude oil per day, 75 million cubic feet of gas per day, 120,000 barrels of water injection per day and have a storage capacity of 900,000 barrels of crude oil.

First oil production from the Amoca FPSO is expected in 2021.
Johan Castberg FPSO
(Image via Equinor).

Johan Castberg FPSO

The Johan Castberg field, previously known as Skrugard-Havis, is located in the Barents Sea, where oil and gas was first discovered by Statoil in April 2011. It’s estimated that the field holds between 450 MMboe and 650 MMboe of resource which Statoil (now renamed Equinor) hope to begin operations in 2022, with oil production expected to continue until 2046.

To deal with the production, Equinor commissioned their largest ever FPSO. Singapore’s Sembcorp Marine secured the contract to build the hull, while Norway’s Kvaerner are fabricating the topside modules. 

The turret-moored FPSO will be 295 metres long with a beam of 54 metres and a total liquids handling capacity of around 245,000 bpd. It will have a production capacity of 190,000 bbl/d of oil, 290 MMcf/d of gas and storage of 1.1 MMbbl of crude. The 140-person living quarters are expected to weigh 57,000 tonnes, with the remaining topside weighing 18,000 tonnes and the turret a further 7,000 tonnes. 

The Johan Castberg FPSO will be powered by gas turbines and will be connected to a subsea infrastructure that includes 14 templates, 14 riser bases, 19 plems and plets, 17 tie-in tees and 45 riser and floater anchors. 

In December 2018, Ocean Installer was awarded the contract for mooring installation, tow out and hook-up of the Johan Castberg FPSO vessel, supported by Global Maritime. The activities are scheduled to be carried out in 2022.
Mero (Guanabara MV31) FPSO
(Image via Modec).

Mero (Guanabara MV31) FPSO

Japanese offshore floating solutions specialist Modec (in collaboration with several other Japanese partners) is currently developing the Mero FPSO (also known as the Guanabara MV31 FPSO) for Brazilian state oil company Petrobras.

The FPSO will be utilised on the Mero field (formerly known as the Libra field) which is located about 180 kilometres off the coast of Rio de Janeiro at a water depth of approximately 2,100 metres. The Mero FPSO will be capable of processing 180,000 barrels of crude oil per day, 424 million standard cubic feet of gas per day, 225,000 barrels of water injection per day with a storage capacity upwards of 1.4 million barrels of crude oil. Modec will be responsible for the engineering, procurement, construction, mobilisation, installation and operation of the FPSO, including topsides processing equipment as well as hull and marine systems. 

Modec intends to use as much local Brazilian content as possible during the construction process, and to this end recently selected a Brazilian shipyard to complete the fabrication and assembly of a number of topsides process modules for the FPSO.

It’s expected that the Mero FPSO will be deployed at the Mero field in 2021.
Helang FPSO
(Image via Yinson).

Helang FPSO

Approximately 8km east of the Helang Gas field, off the coast of Sarawak, Malaysia, is the Layang gas field being operated by JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration. The planned operation will involve utilising the FPSO Helang to separate gas from condensate and oil. The gas will be sent by pipeline to the Helang integrated platform for processing, from where it will be delivered to the Petronas LNG complex in Sarawak. Meanwhile, the condensate and oil will be shipped directly from the FPSO.

In April 2018, JX Nippon awarded a contract to Yinson to build, install and lease the FPSO Helang, following a failure to deliver a vessel on time in 2016 by previous contractees THHE. A contract was awarded to DOF Subsea Asia Pacific Region for transportation & installation services to position and moor the FPSO Helang on the Layang field, which is due to be completed by 3Q 2019. The charter contract is for a firm period of eight years, with options for 10 extension periods of one year each.

When in place, production is set to start at an initial rate of 75 MMcf/d of gas and 8,000 b/d of condensate and oil. 
The growing FPSO market is creating many job opportunities for engineering and technical professionals
(Image via Shell).

The growing FPSO market

Thanks to growing levels of exploration and production activity across the globe, demand for FPSOs is likely to remain strong throughout 2019 and beyond. Recent research from energy analysts Rystad suggests that more than 30 FPSO projects could pass final investment decision (FID) during 2019-2021, creating a wealth of employment opportunities- particularly across the marine and shipbuilding hubs of Asia; Singapore, China, Malaysia and South Korea.

The job roles associated with both new-build and conversion FPSO projects are incredibly varied ranging from design and estimation through to fabrication and engineering (and many hundreds of different disciplines in between). 

As the FPSO projects outlined above make clear, there’s never been a better time to take the step in your oil and gas industry career.

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