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5G: A paradigm shift for mobile technology?

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Mobile is already the biggest technology platform in history with the total number of users globally to hit 2 billion during the course of this year.

But with the advent of 5G technology rapidly approaching we are set to see mobile go further still, providing even more opportunities to transform not only business, but society as a whole. 5G possesses several new capabilities including an exceptional level of flexibility, lower energy requirements, and greater capacity, bandwidth, security, reliability and data rates.

The arrival of 5G, like the arrival of 4G and 3G previously, will bring about a revolution in performance. The power of 5G is such that network slices in the context of 5G will be like virtual networks on demand. 5G will also enable more secure transactions and the energy efficiency to enable IoT devices.

These technological developments mean that a wide range of new opportunities, new markets and radically new business models are likely to emerge with 5G.

In this new era of mobility you will always be connected, whether it is to other people through smartphones, tablets or laptops, or to machines and devices in the world around you. Technology is transforming the world we live in. It’s bringing change where change is most needed, reigniting and reconnecting. It’s blurring borders, fostering talent and reinventing industries.

There have been major changes to the way we communicate, work and are entertained. And 5G will accelerate these changes further. Broadband, mobility and the cloud connect people and places, as well as applications and devices.

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