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An Overview of Sadara: A World-Scale Petrochemical Facility

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Overview of SadaraIn a land that combines some of the most holy, ancient sites in the world with fast moving modernity, we’re thrilled to be recruiting for the Sadara project. In the eastern corner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , the industrial heavyweights Saudi Aramco and The Dow Chemical Company have come together to create the joint venture Sadara Chemical Company.
These two powerful companies are working together to create the largest, fully- integrated chemicals complex ever built in one phase. This is exciting news for our candidates as it will create thousands of jobs and there are lots of benefits to working in Saudi Arabia so you’ll want to check out the jobs available here. If you look into the jobs on offer you could be rising to the soothing sounds of an early morning call to prayer and have the opportunity to see the best of this mystical country.
It is a real pleasure for Fircroft to work with these two industry giants; Dow and Saudi Aramco. This is such an exciting project to be involved with and we look forward to recruiting for them.

Sadara will create many different types of products; contributing to Saudi Arabia’s desire to become a global manufacturing hub, as it works to generate products for the ever-expanding, emerging markets in China, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.

There are many fairly mindboggling statistics to go with this project, for example, construction is expected to cost about $20 billion. When fully up and running, the plant will be one of the world’s largest chemical facilities; producing an incredible three million metric tons of chemical products and plastics a year.

First production units are expected to be available from the second half of 2015, with all units expecting to be working by 2016. So there will be fantastic on-going roles available at many different levels of the business.

We’re proud to be working with Sadara to fill their roles and it could be the perfect project for you to be involved with. We have a wide range of engineeringcommercial, chemical, and manufacturing jobs available.

Please visit the relevant disicipline pages above or view all our vacancies in Saudi Arabia to see what opportunities are on offer.

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