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At the Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea…

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Recently Fircroft has seen an increase in work coming from our clients in West Africa, particularly Angola. Angola’s offshore Oil and Gas industry is split across 34 separate blocks, and with some blocks located over 200km offshore, the majority of work takes place in deep water locations aboard FPSOs.

The result of these ambitious projects taking place in ultra deep water has lead to high demand for experienced subsea professionals. Keen to use these deep water projects as a proving ground for subsea professionals, operators in the region are hoping to create Subsea Centres of Excellence from which they can teach a future generation of Subsea Engineering Professionals. These professionals will be able to apply their skillset to other deep water projects across the globe.

In order to make this opportunity as successful as possible, our clients are looking to attract highly skilled, degree-qualified contract professionals. Currently they are interested in recruiting Subsea Supervisors and Equipment and Fabrication Engineers who are (ideally) degree qualified and have over 10 years’ experience.

Oil rig at night

Understanding that attracting highly-qualified individuals with niche skillsets is not easy, our clients are now offering extremely competitive rates to bring these people on board.

To match this recruitment trend Fircroft is evolving the way it recruits and has appointed a Subsea Specialist to look after all Subsea recruitment. This will help to identify people who would be suitable for our clients' visions as the individual will be the focal point for all our Subsea jobs.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Subsea roles please follow the link.

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