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Choosing a Recruitment Agency

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In a market where jobs are increasingly secured through one’s own network, contractors often find themselves having to pick an agency to contract through from a clients’ Preferred Supplier List. So how do you identify which recruitment agency you should pick? In this blog Katie Griffiths, Senior Account Coordinator at Fircroft’s Perth office, provides her top tips on what to look for when choosing a recruitment agency.

Frequency of pay
This is probably the number one deciding factor when choosing a recruitment agency. Some agencies are restricted to a fortnightly or even monthly pay cycle, which for some may not be suitable. A weekly pay run, like here at Fircroft, allows for a greater frequency of pay and more flexibility for the contractor to choose how often they get paid. A second key factor relating to pay is the processing time from submitting a timesheet to receiving pay. Ideally you will want an agency that processes payments 2 – 3 days after the timesheet submission cut off. Sadly not all agencies offer this and in some instances it can be a few weeks after submitting a timesheet that you receive payment into your account.

Another key factor for a contractor may be whether the recruitment agency can accommodate the contractor to work directly as a PAYG contractor or via their own company as a PTY contractor. Most recruitment agencies can accommodate both options but there are some that are restricted to only the one. Working through an agency that can accommodate both allows you as a contractor the flexibility to change between one and the other should you so wish.

Often overlooked but crucial to you as a contractor is the level of cover the recruitment agency offers. As a minimum a recruitment agency should be offering PAYG contractors Workers Compensation, Public and Product Liability and Professional Indemnity.

Future Prospects
When committing to an agency to work through it is important to evaluate what prospects that agency can offer on completion of your assignment. Choosing to work with a global agency that has agreements with all the key players in your area of work may open up more opportunities for future work, thus offering you consistent and regular work through that one agency.

A dedicated Point of Contact
We all know how frustrating it is to deal with a different person each time you call a company. This is not the service you should expect from a recruitment agency. Choosing a recruitment agency that provides you with a dedicated point of contact throughout the duration of your contract will offer you an opportunity to build a strong relationship that will be beneficial to all involved.

Added extras
Although possibly not a deal breaker, those added extras can certainly benefit you as a contractor. Look for recruitment agencies that offer access to training, corporate discounts, networking events, corporate functions and career advice. A good recruitment agency will not be just a payroll service.

These tips are just to get you started. To ascertain whether a recruitment agency is right for you, meet them, have a coffee and chat through what you are looking for and what they can offer.

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