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Fircroft and Social Media Recruitment

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Is Fircroft active on social media?
If you aren’t already following us online – where have you been?! Fircroft currently has four main social media channels managed by the Marketing team in order to interact online with contractors, clients and candidates: LinkedIn, TwitterFacebook and Google+. Over the past few years, it has become apparent that certain channels are often utilised by particular demographics and for different reasons – but overall, our LinkedIn Company Page has proven to be the most successful. At the start of 2015, we also launched our first LinkedIn Showcase Page in order to communicate with our clients and post client-focused content.

With over 30,000 followers, our LinkedIn page isn’t a channel which we use for advertising jobs; instead, we share internal industry related news and blogs, company announcements and external articles relevant to the industries Fircroft works in. Furthermore, with anywhere between one and three blogs going out per week, our LinkedIn page is the ideal medium to share them as soon as they go live due to our growing number of followers.
Is it possible to be recruited through social media?

Despite not directly advertising jobs on social media (apart from our @FircroftJobs Twitter account, dedicated entirely to the latest vacancies), social media is commonly used by potential candidates and current contractors as a way to contact Fircroft. According to a survey by Jobvite in 2012, 92% of employers planned to use social networks for recruiting that year. This may not necessarily mean directly advertising a job; LinkedIn, for example, is a key tool when searching for specifics such as job titles, locations and skills. The survey also concluded that on average, 93% of employers recruit via LinkedIn, 66% recruit via Facebook and 54% recruit via Twitter.
In addition, according to ACAS, by 2010 over 50% of jobseekers were using social networking sites as part of their job search. The history of job applications has certainly evolved quite rapidly; online job boards weren’t created until 1999. In just 15 years digital recruitment has exploded, with the vast majority of recruitment businesses using job boards as well as social media to discover new talent and expand their internal databases.
Social media has also helped numerous non-traditional job applications go viral over the past few years, enabling candidates as well as employers to open their minds to the entire recruitment process. From Youtube videos going viral to a man marketing himself in a tube station, there has certainly been some unconventional ways of filling jobs. However, Fircroft has remained consistent in discovering most candidates through job applications, job boards and more recently, social media.

How can I connect with Fircroft on social media?

Whilst the majority of Fircroft applicants continue to apply through our website, the number of contractors connecting with our Recruiters on LinkedIn to enquire about current opportunities is growing by the day. If you are interested in speaking to a Recruitment Consultant or Talent Acquisition Specialist at Fircroft on LinkedIn, they will be happy to help.

Otherwise, to search and apply for our latest roles, click here.

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