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Five Minutes with Fircroft: South Korea

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Andrew Connolly talks about Fircroft and the oil and gas industry in South Korea.

Oil and Gas in South Korea

South Korea is heavily reliant on importing in its energy demands: 97% of its demands are met by importing internationally and, as a result, it is one of the world’s leaders in energy importation. Engineering roles in the country are mainly focused on building ships and equipment for the oil and gas industry, based around the South Gyeongsang Province. Over the last 20 years, ship building in South Korea has become a dominant global industry and in 2011 it produced over 50% of the gross tonnage of ships worldwide. Equipment including ships, LNG carriers, oil supertankers and drilling platforms are constructed in fabrication yards based in Ulsan and Geoje Island. Engineering positions are focused on the inspection of these vessels before they go into use, with typical roles including Quality Engineers and Coating Inspectors, as well as a variety of technician opportunities.

World’s First FLNG Vessel

The industry in the country is predominantly focused on the Fabrication of Projects – which can be incredibly advanced – including the creations of the world’s first FLNG vessel and mega-projects such as a Gorgon. The Prelude FLNG is currently being constructed by Samsung Heavy Industry in South Korea for Royal Dutch Shell and, as well as being the world’s first floating liquefied natural gas platform, it’s also the largest offshore facility ever created.
The Future

South Korea accounts for approximately 33% of total international ship building orders and this has a massive influence on their economy. The country has been very successful in securing construction contracts in the Middle East, Australia, North Sea and North America. There is ongoing competition with China for the contracts, but the established players in the market are moving into new sectors like FLNG and using the existing world class facilities and expertise available in South Korea.
Fircroft in South Korea

The Fircroft team is based in Ulsan City and Geoje Island. Ulsan, where the Head office is based, is the industrial powerhouse of the country. There are 11 team members working in Korea at present– all South Korean nationals – who know best how to navigate the cultural expectations in the country. The team is made up of very experienced local recruitment, account management and finance personnel who have extensive networks within the QA and Inspection areas. Coupled with Fircroft’s Global Capability, it has enabled us to become one of the largest agencies supplying the Fabrication Yards in Korea within a short space of time.
You can learn more about our current opportunities in South Korea here.

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