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Health and Safety Tips for Contractors

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Fircroft health and safetyHealth and safety is one of the most crucial aspects of the oil and gas industry and at Fircroft, the safety of our contractors is paramount.

Fircroft actively promotes a culture of safety and awareness and a positive attitude towards environmental responsibility towards all of our contractors out in the field. Therefore, the Fircroft Contractor HSSE Policy is placed firmly at the centre of any assignment you take. Below you can find our advice for the lead-up to your new role and for the first weeks of your placement.

We will support you as much as we can to enable you to perform your work in a manner appropriate to your working environment. To ensure you are prepared for your first day on a job, it is common for clients to request evidence of any training or competency certification which is relevant to your role, before you start.

We will remind you when this documentation is needed and help to ensure that this information is correct and in-date to avoid the risk of your assignment being terminated. If you complete refresher training, please keep us informed and pass across the certificates and the name of your trainer so our records match yours.

Fircroft will ensure you receive all the required on-boarding information as well as all alcohol, drugs and firearms policies, well in advance of your start date to give you time to read them and ask any questions. We’ll also confirm that your emergency contact numbers are up to date and make sure that you are aware of any relevant inoculations needed for your role.

On your first day in a role you should be given an HSSE induction or equivalent by a client HSSE representative. If this doesn’t happen please inform your Fircroft representative promptly so we can try and arrange this for you.

When you take on a new role, you are at the most risk in the first few weeks on a new site. It goes without saying that you are the best person to look after your own safety, but we will also be there to support you. Positive attitudes towards safety are noticed and can contribute to your career progression.

To keep updated, as well as being aware of site HSSE policies and procedures, it is important to participate in toolbox talks, safety meetings and drills. If you experience any injuries or near misses, please let both ourselves and any appropriate client representatives know.

If you have any questions about Health and Safety please visit the
relevant page on the Fircroft website or contact me at

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