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Hydrogen trains receive UK political support

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UK Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has thrown his support behind the introduction of hydrogen powered trains on Britain’s rail network.

Responding to a question in the House of Commons, Grayling said:

“I expect to see a transformation of technology on our railways over the coming years, with the introduction of many different types of battery electric hybrid trains and hydrogen trains. I see this as a priority.”

He continued: “I want the first hydrogen train operating on our rail network in a very short period of time.”
Alstom's hydrogen-powered Coradia iLint train which is currently being trialled in Germany.
(Alstom’s hydrogen-powered Coradia iLint train which is currently being trialled in Germany. Image via Alstom).

As we’ve previously reported here on EngineeringPro, Alstom is currently trialling the world’s first hydrogen-fuelled passenger train in Germany. Powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, the train combines hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which produces an electrical current capable of moving the vehicle.

Alstom claims that the trains’ emissions will be limited to steam and water thanks to this new technology, and that it will be capable of matching the performance of regular regional trains.

The two-car prototype currently being tested has a top speed of 140km/h and a range of up to 800km.

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