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It’s time to start being different

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Mark Pearce, Fircroft Australia’s National Business Development Manager, blogs about the importance of ‘differentiation’ in a competitive labour market.

Having recently attended a couple of conferences in Perth, Western Australia, I spoke with a number of senior managers and business leaders about the current climate of the labour market.

I wasn’t surprised to hear about a number of challenges facing these individuals and their companies as we continue through these uncertain times.

What did surprise me were some of the strategies and plans they were discussing to move their business forward. There were no surprises with their strategies and plans. They were good.

The surprise was that only one person spoke about differentiating themselves and their business from the competition.

Whether you are an organisation tendering for new business or a candidate looking for work, in these challenging times it’s important that you have a difference or a USP (unique selling proposition).

At Fircroft, we’re often asked what makes us different and why companies should use our services. Below are some examples of what makes Fircroft different.

Fircroft also runs a series of training events on CV writing through to setting up LinkedIn profiles. For an example of the benefits we offer our contractors, please click here.

Here in Western Australia, organisations now have more competition than experienced previously (although mergers and acquisitions will lessen this competition over time). Candidates too are among more job seekers than they’ve ever experienced before.

Therefore, being unique or having a key point of difference will help you stand out from the crowd. Start being different today.
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