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Motorcycle gives energy boost to electric aircraft

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The University of Nottingham research fellow Richard Glassock has designed futuristic technology that acts as an additional power source for an electric aircraft, extending the amount of flying time.

The plans have been revealed this week at the International Conference on Innovation in European Aeronautics Research in Warsaw. 

Glassbrook’s RExLite and RExMoto sees a detachable motorcycle acting as an additional power source for an electric aircraft. 

All-electric aircraft offer reductions in running costs plus lower CO2, NOx emissions and noise levels but flight time on batteries is limited.

In a statement Glassock said, “As aircraft of the future adopt more electrical systems, we need engineering solutions to overcome current limitations. With RexLite and RExMoto, leisure craft will be able to fly much further for much longer, offering pilots and owners of private two-seater or four-seater aircraft real benefits when commuting. The benefits also extend to pilot training as more electric aircraft will lower running costs, fuel burn and achieve an appreciable reduction in noise levels — most notably at suburban airports. As airports are gradually hemmed in by the suburban sprawl, the use of the hybrid range extenders may make evening and night training flights of electric aircraft more acceptable.”

The RExLite is said to be a self- contained 40Kw electrical power unit that provides up to three hours extra endurance through conventional combustion of hydrocarbon fuel. It increases the range and endurance of small two-seater all-electric aircraft, placing them on a par with conventional combustion engine aircraft in cross-country range.

The RExMoto is a modular 50Kw electrical power unit that can be fitted to electric aircraft and provides two to three hours extra endurance through conventional combustion of hydrocarbon fuel. Designed as a conventional motorcycle, RExMoto can take to the road, functioning as a mode of transport to and from the airport. 

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" I am a trans / robot " says...on the other hand, a gyroscopically stabilised electric motorcycle with suitable outriggers could ferry the 90 degree swivelled wing two-seater electric plane to the airport.
Catch-42, 03 October 2017
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