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New Nuclear Power Station Boosts UK Engineering Recruitment

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Power and energy recruitmentThe first nuclear power station to be built in Britain in more than a generation could kick-start a new age of nuclear power in the UK. This news was welcomed by Fircroft recruiters who are currently working with numerous clients across the UK’s power and energy sector. The project is likely to lead to an employment boom both during the initial building stage and after the plant is in use.

The Somerset-based power station, Hinkley Point C, is to be built by a consortium led by EDF Energy and the two planned reactors will provide the UK with power for over 60 years. The existing Hinkley plant provides 1% of the UK’s total energy but the addition of Hinckley C is likely to raise this total to 7% once the plant expansion is complete.

A Thriving Nuclear History
The UK has boasted a thriving nuclear industry since the 1950’s, when the world’s first commercial nuclear power plant was opened in Cumbria. The location is close to Fircroft’s Whitehaven office which services the recruitment needs of clients operating at the Sellafield site.

Britain currently has ten nuclear power stations, generating a total of 10 gigawatts of electricity, around 19% of Britain’s electricity needs. It looks like this new plant will be the start of a fleet of new similar stations being built across the UK, which is recognised as one of the leading producers of Nuclear Energy.

This map shows where new, existing and non-operational sites are currently located and it’s clear from the number of new sites that are being considered at the moment that there are going to be lot of employment opportunities coming up in this area.

Demand for Skills
Once up and running, the plant will require many skilled engineers, vital to the safe operation of a plant. Engineers from a variety of disciplines will be required, including but not limited to: mechanical, nuclear, electrical and civil engineers as well as chemists, environmental experts and radiation specialists.

It’s also proving to be a great pull for foreign investment, with Japanese firm Horizon Nuclear Power confirmed to build power stations in Wales and Gloucestershire, which could, in turn, create an extra 12,000 jobs for construction workers, engineers and other skilled employees.

Nuclear energy is a key part of Britain’s future with a balanced, low-carbon energy policy as well as proving a significant boost to our nuclear exports. Fircroft has a long history of placing individuals in the nuclear industry. Check out our current nuclear jobs here.

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