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Oil and Gas Skills Shortage Presents Exciting Opportunities for Young People in the UK

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Oil & Gas oppertunities in UK Research by PricewaterhouseCooper has shown that we are approaching a time for great opportunities in the oil and gas industry. As the baby boomer generation heads for retirement, the gap left behind open up as many as 120,000 new roles in the industry over the next decade.
Companies are starting to work hard to attract employees into the area to avoid a skills shortage and to meet the planned increase in investment. This boost could have a really positive effect on the UK economy, though many of the roles available will be suitable for those with existing skills and experience.

In the past there it has been reported that there has been difficulty for graduates, and young people without experience in the industry, to get their foot in the door. Young people can find themselves in a bit of a Catch 22: to get experience you’ll need a job and to get a job you need experience. This is why it will be interesting to see how the leading companies deal with this.

Firms will need to think carefully about their entry requirements and the best ways to create sustainable, accelerated leadership development opportunities. Companies that change internally at a rapid pace, can experience changes with culture and structure so they will need to be prepared to efficiently manage this to ensure that the changes run smoothly.

There have been predictions that, in this already well-paid industry, wages will increase due to the rise in demand for a flexible, highly skilled workforce. This will also be good news for the British economy, especially if some of the increased wages make their way into the pockets of younger people; currently battling against unemployment rates of 20.9%.

It’s always worth bearing in mind that this generation is the future of the industry and the sooner they’re welcomed into it and trained up, the better it will be for the energy industry.

Here at Fircroft we’re really looking forward to working with our clients and helping to fill this skills shortage.

Do you think that you’d like to become involved in the oil and gas industry? Why not take a look at our current UK oil & gas vacancies below or view all of our oil & gas roles here.

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