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Questions About Saudi Arabia

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Fircroft info about Saudi ArabiaWe’re really thrilled about the new opportunities available in Jubail Industrial City II, Saudi Arabia at the moment through our work with Sadara. It is a joint project between two of the world’s leading companies and the aim is to create the largest petrochemical facility ever built, in one single phase. Fircroft is happy to be helping to fill the hundreds of roles that have been created.

Since we’ve announced this exciting news, we’ve had some great, relevant questions from interested parties. As a result, we thought that we’d take the opportunity to provide some insight into what it’s like to live in this beautiful, historic country that has such a rich cultural history. So, why should you make this move?

Saudi Arabia has the largest economy in the Middle East, which in part explains why it’s such a draw for foreign workers. There are great wages on offer in this arena and numerous opportunities for progression and experience.

Excellent tax benefits
Depending upon your specific circumstances, your salary benefits can range from significant tax reductions to being completely tax free. This means that more of what you earn will remain in your pocket; a great opportunity to save some money whilst living overseas. The cost of living compares well with the UK and consumer goods are cheaper than in many places in North America and Europe.

Real sense of community amongst expats
You’ll be living in a complex with other colleagues where there is always something going on-from theatre trips, to visits to bowling alleys and local restaurants.

Easy to make friends
It is a great place to make life-long friends, enjoy diverse social events, and invite your neighbours over for dinner or to relax around the pool. You will have the freedom within the site to enjoy a comparatively western lifestyle, whilst still being close enough to experience the local culture.

If you’re bringing your family with you you’ll find that the accommodation provided is very family friendly, with safe spaces for children to play outside and make friends nearby who they will be able to go to a local international school with.

Do I have to speak Arabic?
Although Arabic can be a bonus it certainly it’s not a must. Most street signs are in English and the company you work with will have an English speaking workplace.

Where will I be living?
You’ll be living in a beautifully designed living space, complete with all the mod cons in your home, with gyms, swimming pools and restaurants close by.

I’ve heard that demand for housing is high – will I be helped to find a house?
On site housing can be provided for you, thus removing one of the most stressful aspects of relocating in a stroke. If you’re not placed on site you’ll be given a housing allowance instead.

What will my family do/can I bring my family?
Family status is available but it will depend on the role that you apply for.

If I do bring my family - what is schooling like for my children?
There are great quality international schools in the area, and if you get family status, schooling expenses should be covered for two children aged 5-18.

What about healthcare?
Healthcare is provided for you and your family (not including dental care).

Will I be secure?
Yes, there have been no reported incidents in the last 5 years.

How much holiday will I be given?
You’ll get between 22 and 28 days of holiday as well as religious holidays.

Will I be helped with relocating?
Yes, Fircroft will help you every step of the way from organising visa’s to helping with travel arrangements.

So what do you think? Does relocating to this fascinating land of opportunities sound right for you? If so, take a look at the many jobs we currently have available here.

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