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Royal Mail goes electric

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Royal Mail is the latest major company to join the electric vehicle revolution, as it announces that it will be trialling nine prototype trucks from Banbury-based Arrival.
From today 9 prototype vehicles will be tested in and around central London
(Image via Royal Mail.)

From today, 3.5, 6, and 7.5 tonne trucks will be used in and around London to move packages from mail distribution centres in the city to local areas.

Arrival, formerly known as Charge Auto, has designed the vehicles to be able to run off their on-board battery for 100 miles. When the battery almost completely depleted, the vehicle will switch to a dual-power mode which will top-up the battery. The firm also states that the vehicles will incorporate modular hardware, intelligent software and will be designed to be built by robots.

The trucks will be manufactured at Arrival’s new 110,000 square foot factory in the Midlands. Once peak production has been achieved Arrival expect to be manufacturing approximately 50,000 trucks per year- entirely built by robots.
The trucks will be manufactured at Arriva's new 110,000 square foot factory in the Midlands
(Image via Royal Mail).

Once the trial, which is based out of Royal Mail’s Mount Pleasant depot in central London, has been completed, expect to see Royal Mail adopting more and more electric vehicles as part of its 49,000-strong vehicle fleet.

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