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Russian scientists invent a new form of fracking

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Russian media has reported that a team of Russian scientists and oil field services companies, claim to have invented a new technology for thermochemical gas fracturing that could be an alternative to hydraulic fracturing and increase oil production by 1.7 and 6 times.
The new alternative promises to increase oil production from fracking significantly.
The new technology centres on the creation of chemical reactions in the strata that contain oil. The chemicals that are pushed into the strata react and emit heat and gas, which makes extraction easier and increases well productivity.

Professor Konstantin Fedorov, Director of the Institute of Physics and Technology at the University of Tyumen and the scientific consultant on the project, has stated:

“The increase in the oil production rate depends significantly on the properties of the formation and oil, as well as the volume of the injected reagents… the improved well productivity effect lasts between 300 and 1,000 days with production increases of between 1.7 and 6 times (compared to the initial output level), with some tests seeing production increase of 10 to 20 times.”

Pilots of the new technology are already underway at the fields of both Lukoil and Rosneft. Plans are also underway for the new technology to be used at the oil fields of other major Russian companies including Tatneft, Bashneft and Gazprom Neft.
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