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The Granite City in turbulent times

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Today sees the release of ‘The Granite City in turbulent times’, a new commentary from Fircroft examining the impact of the downturn in the Oil & Gas market on Aberdeen.

The commentary examines the reaction of the Oil & Gas industry to the downturn over the past 2 years and the measures that have been put in place to reduce both capital and revenue expenditure.

At the crux of the commentary lies the argument that despite what has been done to reduce costs so far Aberdeen’s Oil & Gas industry is not yet making the savings it could. The commentary argues that by adopting a series of Fircroft’s intelligent workforce solutions, the Oil & Gas industry in the city has the potential to open up meaningful gains in productivity and workforce efficiency.

Commenting on the release of the paper, Katie Bennington, Business Development Executive for Fircroft Aberdeen, said:

“As commentators have pointed out, for years Oil & Gas companies have been chasing barrels. With the drop in Oil prices these same companies are now chasing efficiencies. As our paper shows, one of the clearest ways of achieving efficiencies is the adoption of workforce solutions that make intelligent use of recruitment budgets, and help to secure the best talent.”

Click here to get your copy of ‘The Granite City in turbulent times’.

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