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The Importance of a Well Trained Recruitment Team

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Paul Lomax, Fircroft’s Group Systems Manager, discusses our extensive staff development and training programmes which are in place to ensure our employees maximise their performance on all levels.

Fircroft is heavily committed to finding the right people for the job through our high quality, specialist recruitment process. As a forward thinking, global employer of over 600 employees, Fircroft is aware that each department across the company plays a vital role in ensuring this process is as successful as possible. It is for this reason that continual, quality training is essential throughout the company.

Fircroft provides a working environment in which all staff are able to maximise their performance, commitment and contribution in alignment with the company’s business objectives and their own personal development plan.

Staff development and training is delivered through:
  • Internal, existing company resources
  • The use of public access courses
  • Engagement of other formalised training, through specialist training providers

Fircroft provides Development Programmes across five distinct areas:
  • Global Industry Knowledge
  • International Management
  • Skills Specific
  • Job Specific
  • Overseas Placement

Who decides on an individual’s training requirements?

Individual training requirements are identified throughout the year, and at annual appraisal meetings which all staff, both front and back office, have with their Line Managers. They will mutually agree on the training needs of the individual to aid them in achieving their goals throughout the forthcoming year. As a result of the appraisals, a structured Personal Development Programme is created identifying various courses, seminars and training initiatives.

Is training available to everyone?

Fircroft currently has a presence in over 60 countries, and as a result we provide training for all recruiters to ensure our approach is consistent throughout the business. With the continuous global growth of Fircroft we are constantly developing our staff to become the future of the company. To support this growth, Fircroft is fully committed to investing in new talent via training and development. To support this we have an increasingly successful, global graduate program involving a unique training structure.

Furthermore, we recently developed best practice manuals for recruiters in order to improve their job advert writing skills, as we well as their LinkedIn presence. We are proud to have some of the most knowledgeable staff in our industry, and we strive to ensure that they have the training to back up our world-class credentials and deliver on our company values.

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