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UK trialling the use of Hydrogen to heat homes

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As part of a UK government project to cut the UK’s carbon emissions, the country will undergo a study to replace natural gas with hydrogen to heat UK homes. The project is being explored by Arup and Hydrogen energy specialist Kiwa Gastec. 
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has commissioned a £25m Hydrogen for Heat Programme which will look at installing district heating systems based on Hydrogen for villages and will look at the design of hydrogen-fuelled appliances such as cookers and boilers.

Arup’s project director said: “This projects will help establish the feasibility of converting towns and cities to it in a cost-effective way, making use of the current natural gas network.”
When burnt Hydrogen fuel produces only water and heat so by moving away from natural gas it could significantly reduce the UK’s carbon footprint. 
Climate Change Minister, Claire Perry said: “Our clean growth strategy sets out how we intend to reduce carbon emissions from homes across the country.” She explains how the study would “explore the feasibility of the transition from natural gas.”
The project is set to launch in the 2020’s where industrial users will receive an all-hydrogen supply to replace their boilers while domestic users will receive a hydrogen and natural gas blend.

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