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Why regular meetings with your recruitment agency are beneficial

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Are you filled with trepidation or worry when you see a request from your recruitment agency to meet?

Understandably, in this current market these feelings can be common. But, coffee catch-ups with your agency need not ignite dread. A regular catch-up with your recruitment agency is actually highly beneficial, and will boast a range of benefits to you as a contractor. So what do these benefits look like?

1. First and foremost, regular catch-ups allow you as a contractor the opportunity to feedback on how the role is going. It provides you with an opportunity to advise your agency what you are enjoying, what you are not enjoying and provides the agency valuable information for sourcing your next suitable contracting role.

2. It is an opportunity to raise any concerns you may have that you may not feel comfortable raising with your manager or peers. Your agency representative can then act on your behalf and raise these concerns with the client, resolving any issues and allowing you to get the most out of your contracting role. Furthermore, it provides you with an opportunity to raise any concerns with the recruitment agency itself.

3. Frequent face to face catch-ups foster the building of a relationship between a contractor and recruitment agency. Agencies are client facing and often hear of roles long before they are released or advertised, therefore having a strong relationship with a recruitment agency is priceless to staying ahead of the game.

4. Leading on from point 3, agency representatives are specialists in their field and are a source of valuable market knowledge and information. Frequent catch-ups with your agency will provide you with the opportunity to understand what is happening in the market, who is hiring, and where the next big projects are which ultimately allows you to plan your next career move.

5. Finally, if nothing else, a face-to-face meeting provides a more personal approach to communication. Too often, in this day and age, phone and email take over and we lose that face behind the brand. Knowing who you are liaising with is always more conducive for better communication.

Here at Fircroft our Recruiters and Account Management team greatly value the benefits that regular coffee catch-ups with our contractors offer. Our team are out daily meeting past, present and future contractors, building and solidifying relationships for many years to come.
So next time you see that phone ring and it’s your agency, seize the opportunity to benefit from a catch-up.

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