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Consolidation Efficiencies

Being cost-efficient has always been a business priority but never more-so than right now. The fluctuation of the global energy markets has created a potent blend of challenges and opportunities for technical engineering companies. At a time of great change Fircroft has remained a constant. Utilising our depth of experience, in-house expertise, global power and local intelligence Fircroft has delivered major consolidation efficiencies for our clients.

Throughout 2015 Oil & Gas companies experienced the need to maintain an increasingly sharp focus on cost management and reduction to remain competitive following the drop in the price of a barrel of oil.

Fircroft works closely with our client’s supply chain teams to support them to gain a fully transparent view of their cost base, to drive new and sustainable ways to release cash - from within their business - driving both growth and efficiency.

Our efforts have proven highly successful at delivering significant savings across our clients’ businesses, fast.

During 2015, Fircroft transitioned in excess of 1,500 contractors to deliver cost savings. Examples include the recent implementation with a number of IOCs in Australia, Azerbaijan, US and the UK and an E&P operator globally. Cumulatively, we have delivered (over these client examples alone) in excess of £15m in annual direct manpower cost savings.

Approached strategically, cost reduction programmes can produce rapid, sustainable and material savings for your business.

Choosing Fircroft ensures you have the expertise, experience and excellence to deliver consolidation efficiencies throughout your business.



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