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Contractor Transition

Transitioning contractors to a single provider can often strip out the complexity of global working and give one point of contact for the entire supply of contract workers.

Working with one supplier does not mean that service levels are diminished, it is quite the opposite; one supplier will often utilise several secondary and / or specialist suppliers. This leads to an increase in the level of service and an ability to supplement where different skillsets or volume are required.

By reducing your supply base and transitioning the incumbent contractors from the out-going suppliers to a single provider we can help you realise significant savings. The savings will be in both the agency margin as well as the day-rate to the contractor. As an example, for one IOC we will be delivering over £3.5M of savings in non-day-rate related costs over the next 12 months under such a model.

Examples of where Fircroft has supported contractor transitions include:

Client sourced contractors (nominations) and 3rd party agency contractors

Where a candidate is clearly “introduced” or “transitioned” to Fircroft – i.e. we have not sourced the candidate via our recruitment team - this represents a saving in our overheads and can be reflected in a reduction in our overall charges to you for that individual.

Category 3 contractors from service contracts to manpower contracts

Contractors engaged under service contracts often hide typically high margins for the service companies. By transitioning these contractor’s management and payroll to a manpower provider, you not only create the necessary visibility across their entire contractor workforce, but are able to realise cost savings as these contractors are brought across at nomination or payroll rates (see above).

Transition towards more effective workforce solutions for your business with Fircroft.

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