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Dutch NEN 4400

NEN 4400 logoDutch NEN 4400
The Fircroft Dutch office has successfully passed the Dutch NEN 4400 assessment in November 2012.

What is NEN 4400?
NEN 4400 is a national standard in the Netherlands that set requirements for temporary work businesses and contractors of work, including subcontractors that have their registered office outside the Netherlands.

What does NEN 4400 cover?
To achieve certification the payment of taxes and social insurance contributions and the legitimacy of employment in the Netherlands are all assessed.

The aim of the standard is to limit the risk of recovery and penalties for employers from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and other government agencies.

What are the benefits to Fircroft?
The certification to NEN 4400 will enable Fircroft to further develop and grow its business in the Netherlands by aligning itself with many of its client requirements.

A company certified to standard NEN 4400 and registered in the Labour Standards Register (Register Normering Arbeid) which Fircroft is also offers Fircroft greater protection against fraud and illegality.

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