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Emails from Fircroft

Why I have I been emailed from Fircroft?

Fircroft maintain a database of contact information and CVs from candidates we have contacted in the past or who have contacted us about a position. We occasionally use our database to send you an email about jobs, projects and opportunities.

The email I received was not relevant to my CV or criteria, why did Fircroft send it to me?

We try to avoid sending emails to candidates on our database that do not have matching criteria to the content of our emails. Occasionally, due to an incorrectly matched keyword that may appear on your CV, you may be sent an email that is not relevant to you - we apologise if this has happened.

I want to stop receiving emails from Fircroft, how can I?

At the bottom of each email we send, there will be a link called 'unsubscribe'. Simply click this link and you will be directed to a page to confirm your email address, and you will then be removed from our email list.

Setting up jobs by email alerts

As well as emails that are sent from Fircroft from the database, you can receive emails directly from this website. By registering via the website, you can add alerts based on search criteria (for example, jobs by a location or sector or keyword).

For more information on registering with our website, and setting up jobs by email alerts, visit our blog.

Once you have registered on the Fircroft website you can amend and update your CV and personal details so that future searches of our database contain more relevant data which allows the emails we send to be more targeted.

If you want more information about emails, or have any other questions, please contact us or join us on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

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