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Fircroft Expands Operations in Asia Pacific

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Our operations in the Asia-Pacific region have been extended by the official opening of our new Singapore Office.

From our regional hub in Singapore, Fircroft will be able to service over 2,500 contract personnel in energy and resources industries in countries in the region that include Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, South Korea and Thailand.
The official opening of the new office was held at Raffles Place on Thursday 13th February and was officiated by His Excellency Mr Antony Phillipson, British High Commissioner to Singapore.

Mr Phillipson said: ““As an established UK company well-known in its industry, Fircroft’s expansion into Asia Pacific with a new office in Singapore reflects the strong economic ties and relationships that Singapore and UK businesses have built over the years. We are encouraged by this development and look forward to more UK firms using Singapore as a regional base for their growth.”

Fircroft expands in Asia Pacific

L-R: Dhirendra Shantilal (Director, Asia-Pacific), Johnathan Johnson (CEO), John Johnson (Founder and Chairman), His Excellency Mr Antony Phillipson (British High Commissioner to Singapore)
Johnathan Johnson, Fircroft’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “For the past five years, Fircroft has seen exponential growth in our Asia-Pacific markets, mostly driven by the energy and resources boom in the region. In fact, this is one of our fastest-growing segments of our business. Revenue contribution from our Asia-Pacific division constitutes over one third of our total turnover and will exceed 40% in the near future. Skilled engineers and technicians serving these sectors are in demand by our clients, which include some of the oil majors, who are ramping up operations to tap into the opportunities here.”

Fircroft now has operations in 60 countries spanning from Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to Thailand and Australia.

Dhirendra Shantilal, the Group’s Asia-Pacific Head and a member of its board of directors, added: “Singapore is one of the main financial and business hubs in the world, as well as a key energy centre in Asia, making the country a choice location for Fircroft’s Asia-Pacific headquarters. As Singapore continues to develop its energy, resources and technical offerings and capabilities, Fircroft aims to play a role in providing the expertise and talents that would support this area of growth and maintain Singapore’s global competitiveness.

“Going forward, we plan to expand into China and India, continuing to ride on the economic progress and positive industry momentum in the energy and resources space. Singapore is best positioned geographically to help us achieve that growth.”

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