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Fircroft launches internship

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Fircroft has recently launched its new intern program. Based in Head Office, all six interns have joined Fircroft’s back office and recruitment functions of the business. The internship program will help interns to learn and apply knowledge in their respective areas and provide increased resource for the business moving forward.

The interns have been recruited from local University, Manchester Metropolitan and Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and are in their third year of studying Business degrees. Unlike the graduate program, were employees move around various departments within the business, the interns will be focused on one particular type of business discipline, enabling them to pursue their chosen career path in the future.

Paul Lomax, Group Training Manager, says: “Following the success of a pilot internship we carried out in London, we decided to open the internship up to the wider business. The internship is mutually beneficial for both students and Fircroft. Not only will interns be able to apply knowledge from their degree and gain real hands on experience to add to their CV, but Fircroft will benefit from capturing young talent while increasing resource to further develop our business”.

In the future, Fircroft will look to recruit interns in London, Aberdeen and Teesside.

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