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Fircroft Thailand Embarks on Team Building Trip

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The Fircroft Thailand team recently embarked on a two-day team building trip to Saraburi Province, just outside Bangkok. The trip involved numerous activities such as team building games, the Fircroft Thailand Amazing Race, a party in the evening and a visit to a local attraction, the Chokchai Farm.

According to those who took part, the highlights of the event were the team building games and the first ever Fircroft Thailand Amazing Race. Staff were divided randomly into three groups; Rhino, Lizard and Buffalo; each group being led by a team leader who was chosen by non-management personnel. The games required each team to work and coordinate together effectively to beat the other groups, using judgment and available resources whilst harnessing a competitive spirit.

The activities continued with the Amazing Race Challenge, which required each team to find clue cards that had been hidden throughout the resort. Points were awarded for each correct answer, after which they would qualify to perform a series of challenges with higher points available at two pit stops.

After two hours of accumulating points through various challenges, team Lizard emerged victorious. Team Lizard consisted of Carl Taylor, Pichapa Chaipant, Jaggrit Dararerk, Chairat Chadavipoo, Denjai Yookong, Kanokwan Kuanpanya, Wannaya Nakcharoen, Busara Pawakongboon, Kittilak Anachai and Wanwithoo Permchanang. Congratulations to team Lizard!

The Outing objective was to promote and realise teamwork whilst encouraging individuals to extend their comfort zone. All team members showed energy, commitment, enthusiasm and support to execute the best strategy for optimum results. We would like to thank the organising committee (Ary Pratama, Orathai Sae-Lee, Chularat Suwarat, Waraluck Setasoonthorn and Pakarpun Dejaturat) for their hard work and attention to detail which made the trip so successful. We are also looking forward to seeing a similar level of energy and spirit from our teams in the day to day workplace in Thailand.

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