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Richard Morten, Global Head of ICT Recruitment Solutions, FircroftV2

Richard Morten

Global Head of ICT Recruitment Solutions
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Warrington, UK
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I have developed from Sales and Business Development through to leading business. My career progression has been built through an honest and professional service, that is underpinned by understanding and building strong relationships that allow for a targeted approach though strong planning and a focused sales strategy.

Previously I was CEO of Rygon, part of the executive leadership that acquired RIZE, a Saudi-based consultancy servicing MENA with over 600 contractors across the ICT and defence sectors. Following the acquisition, we enjoyed a successful three years of re-aligning the business case, exploring new regions, strengthening the team, and investing into systems. As a result of this hard work, the shareholder group decided for the business to grow required investment and expansion. We successfully agreed a sale with Fircroft and I have worked here since 2015.

Fircroft provides an unrivaled platform from which to support its customers. Fircroft is flexible and has the strength and depth to meet clients exceptions in a rapidly changing market, to support and deliver Global and Local Recruitment Solutions to its clients 100% compliantly under the Fircroft name.

It has been about building successful teams that have been key to achieving and delivering results. This has been achieved and improved with each new role, I do not believe I have achieved by biggest achievement.  /  / To win and achieve is measured by success and ultimately it has been about getting things done and knowing what success is. This has been done by all achieving performance targets and personal objectives and continuing to develop and grow. /  / Having every member of the Team pulling and supporting each other and all  sharing of goals of what we are trying to deliver. Its been about them  willing to invest in the interests of the team.  /  / It has been about continuos development and learning, though individual plans and as a team sharing their experiences, including  mistakes.  /  / Building a supportive team climate, learning to trust one another to contribute all the time and be responsible and accountable to other team members. For all  to contribute ideas and raise question and objections without the fear of disapproval of others. /  / It has been about getting team members to invest time and effort into developing working  relationships, continuos improvement having discipline and being grounded and remaining focused on the goal and moving towards that goal.